WordPress, Logo Design

Server Tribe

Skills used in this project:
Logo Design, WordPress Design and Development  &
Some Mad Skills.

Project type:
This was a medium scale project that took about 8 weeks to design and develop.

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WordPress, Logo Design

Server Tribe

This website was designed for a company whose director has a singular vision of creating beautiful, well-designed software for the energy sector.

It was our responsibility of coming up with the branding that would encapsulate and dress up this vision, in a way that reflected the director’s personal tastes of extream excellence.

This WordPress beauty is also a fully custom built template that has been integrated with well-managed third-party shopping plugins.

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Designed with love

The Servertribe Brand

The Servertribe name and brand was designed for a revolutionary programmer the SEO of Server Tribe, a software architect who wanted a product to really stand out in the simplest way possible, but yet to encapsulate a future driven environment of progress and harmony. The exact way he builds his products.

The brand had to be reflective of the information technology industry and represent a beautiful asymmetric design that is also carried over to its website design. This is exactly what we tried to deliver with this project, with beautiful symmetry and flawless design we have managed to portray the director’s vision.