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Mobile and desktop web design

A solution designed to win hearts and minds of people everywhere.
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Getting your website mobile-friendly for smartphones and tablets would be the most valuable asset you can give your business. Nowadays, people are spending increasingly more time on their smartphones than they do on traditional methods of accessing the internet.

Why are people spending more time on their mobile devices?

  1. Mobile devices are very accessible and portable.
  2. Start up processing is quick and fast.
  3. More affordable compared to any computer device.
  4. The most trendy and fashionable gadget one can have.

So how many Australians are actually using mobile devices?
According to a survey conducted in 2013 by the AIMIA - The Digital Industry Association for Australia, 87% of people who responded used websites and /or apps on their mobile phones (up from 77% in the previous year) and 79% of people who responded use their mobile phones to make purchases of products. The survey did not take into account the people who have mobile devices who access the internet only via a wi-fi network in their offices or home networks.

All this information only means that nearly 4 out of 5 people in Australia who have a mobile device are accessing the internet on the go. And this is why we are urging businesses to build mobile friendly websites to account for the growing segment of website visitors who are accessing websites on their mobile phones.

Source of information:

Here at, we can develop Mobile sites or Websites which display a Responsive Design. Let's take a look at the predominant differences between Mobile sites and Responsive design, so you can fairly decide what would best suit the needs of your business.

A Mobile Site vs. Responsive Design
  Mobile Site Responsive Design
Domain Name With a mobile website you must create a seperate domain name such as This uses the same domain address as your normal website.
Page Display A mobile site is a complete rework of the graphics of the desktop version of your website, tailored just for mobile devices. A responsive design uses the same information for both mobile and desktop views. Smart bits of code is written into the website code to adjust the width and height of the page to fit your mobile device perfectly and make it appear that it was custom-built for your device.
SEO Building a mobile site can hurt the page ranking of a particular link, because it requires a unique domain. A completely new process will need to be started to optimize that mobile link. Since it uses the same domain, SEO value will not be affected.
Maintenance Can be more expensive to maintain because 2 different versions of the website will need to be designed - A desktop version and a mobile version.

This solution might be more beneficial for existing / established websites that do not want to change the look and feel of the website just yet.
Better return on investment as we design the main desktop website to be smart and respond to changing screen widths and heights.

This option has a better return on investment and requires less maintenance than a mobile website.

Haven't you noticed that our website is a "Responsive Design"? If you are viewing this website from your desktop, simply shrink the page and you will see how it shrinks down in size. Or if you are viewing this on a table, turn the table orientation and watch the site adjust to the width of your device.

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