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Partnerships are currently forging strong relationships with Advertising Agencies, Web design companies , Print Media Houses and IT Consulting firms. We appreciate and acknowledge that strong channel partnerships enable us to deliver our solutions to your clients in the most effective way.

Partnership Benefits
As a partner you will receive a number of key benefits:

  • Guaranteed Revenue source
    • Partners who on-sell our services can benefit from a constant revenue flow, and gain a reputation for the multimedia design services we provide. 
    • We guarantee a high level of creative design development that is on-time every time. 
    • We will save your company money that would otherwise be used to employ staff. Some of our partners choose to direct clients directly to us under the brand and we then share a % of the revenue with our partner, while other partners choose to on sell our services as part of their corporate services portfolio, in which case we become the partners external design team. 
  • Differentiation
    • Our expertise in the Multimedia Design industry enables your business to set you apart from the crowd. Your clients will take comfort in dealing with qualified and committed project managers who are dedicated in delivering the best possible multimedia design solutions on the market to date.
    • By Dealing with our design service you will realise that our high level of responsiveness is impressive. 
  • High Caliber Personnel
    • Our personnel have the experience and expertise to manage small to very large projects. Our industry qualifications are second to none, we are always developing our skills to the ever changing world of IT along with keeping up with Marketing and Industry trends to provide your company with a solution that is not just technologically advanced, but also design orientated. 
  • Preferential Engagement
    • Not offering one of the services we offer ? by doing so you will now be enhancing the portfolio of services that you will have on offer. 
    • Take advantage of being a fully rounded company , the one stop hub that your clients use for all their advertising and design services. We can help you achieve that with our wide range of multimedia design services. 
  • Equipped & Educated
    • purchase or lease the latest Equipment available in the modern market today to ensure proper development and delivery of projects to our partners. 
    • Although we mainly operate in a PC based environment, all our projects are also tested on MAC based systems. 
    • Our array of programs vastly vary from Illustration development software to Video and motion graphic software. 
    • To keep up with modern day software development our staff are constantly developing new skills in the industry by attending short or long term courses, this is to ensure that the work we produce for your organisation can be of a high standard.
  • Market Exposure
    • We value partnerships greatly and support our partners constantly with their sales approach in order to promote web design and development services. For instance all our partners get the opportunity to develop a free e-mail template every month that they can broadcast to their clients. Here is a sample of the email template that we use to promote our freelancing services:
    • We also work in tangent with partners as their Customer Service representatives, answering sales questions from clients and respond to emails. By doing so we are a fully rounded Turn Key solution that can be dropped into your companies services portfolio and left to work. 
  • Transparency and Trust
    • Our current partners value our high level of transparency and trust. 
    • We keep our partners in the loop about the various stages of client projects and record data from the client when necessary. 
    • Clients who have chosen us to represent their brands can be guaranteed that we will uphold the image of your company at all times. And represent your company as a member of your staff. In this instance we act as the outsourcing multimedia department of your company.
    •  Our outsourcing partnership program has been very popular with our partners, if you would like to read more about  outsourcing to us and the potential savings you could make please read this link: Outsource and Save. 

Interested in partnering with us ?
Great, please feel free to call us on +61 (04) 31165 626 or click here to send us an email.